foto I'm a scientist with (I think) a diverse background in the natural sciences (and a little bit in life sciences). I am also interested and have some training in the mathematical and "exact" sciences, although mostly as tools for the physical and life sciences. And if that's not broad enough I'm also interested in history and philosophy of science, and economic/social sciences, but I have little to no experience on those, so I guess that qualifies mostly as curiosity.

More specifically, I started doing research as an undergrad, using spectroscopy and quantum mechanics-based methods to study the luminescence of lanthanide complexes as well as the structure of biomolecules. I then moved to the world of public health and epidemiology, but stayed more on the side of using autoregressive models to study time series of disease case notifications then on the practical problems of setting up a refugee camp, like what happens to all the faeces.

As much as I am concerned about international health and would actually be thrilled to be able to make a difference on the field, I figured my talents were better used in constructing complex mathematical models to interpret complex data and inform experimental designs, which is why I pursued a Ph.D. in (mostly computational) Biology.

I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at a (very) large research institute which shall remain unnamed to avoid any issues of the unpolished opinions that may be professed here being associated with that distinguished institution. As opposed to my bare-bones professional page, its evil twin exists as a venue for informal descriptions, opinions, sepculation, rants and generally less professional (and potentially unprofessional) content -- see intro/disclaimer post -- which would otherwise remain in my head (in a rather obsessive way).

A complete list of the posts about these and other subjects can be found in the archives page, and the less technical ones usually have a version on Medium as well. Links to Twitter and other (professional/academic/code) pages are below.

-- caetano