foto I am a scholar with specific experience as an Applied Statistician; Systems Genomicist; Evolutionary Computational Biologist; Biostatistical Epidemiologist; Quantum, Supramolecular, and Spectroscopy Chemist; in addition to being a Mathematics instructor, an Engineering Dropout, a Musician and for a short bit an Analyst in Science and Technology, a Bookseller and a Barista. That broad set of interests goes into subjects in which I am not an expert and beyond scientific research; I am intersted in thinking, but also in encouraging others to think. That transcends science, going into the philosophy itself of science, into education, and the exercise of individual and collective citizenship.

I have around 15 years of postgraduate, pre- and postdoctoral research experience in the physical, life, and mathematical sciences -- as summarized above -- and during that time I have also gained experience in what allows the actual research to be performed: the paradigms that govern scientific practice, workplace dynamics and leadership, mentoring, teaching and training. I have therefore developed a view of science contemplates its very human influences, and that places it not as the foundation of modern society, but one (albeit very important) component that must interact with all others. Science doesn't spontaneously generate science; people make science, and they need to have their humanity and freedom respected to pursue their path around knowledge (not directly towards it).

As a consequence of my path so far I see my future work unconstrained by the Ivory Tower of Academia -- although it may still involve a career in it, or not.

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-- caetano